The first thing to do is to take a moment and seriously ask yourself this question, “On a scale of zero to ten whereby zero means that I have zero motivation to stop amoking and ten means that I am absolutely determined to stop, where am I at this moment on this scale?”

If your answer lies between 9 to 10 on the scale, contact us with your medical and smoking history and enough information for me to do a general assessment to ensure that you are a right candidate for this form of treatment.

If you are a good candidate, we will then make an appointment for you to come in and in one session, you will emerge a non-smoker. There is no guarantee that every individual will emerge a non-smoker. This is because in this one session, all that we do is simply to remove your smoking habit and urges. We will not be delving into deep psychological root causes which can take months and many sessions to uncover.

It is a fact however that for more than 90% of my clients, removal of the behavior is all that is needed for them to permanently become a non-smoker.

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