The first question that clients often ask me is, “Is it really possible to stop smoking after one session?” This is just before they tell me how they have tried in the past to stop unsuccessfully. YES.

It is absolutely possible to break the nicotine habit and to stop smoking in one session. I have helped thousands of people to stop smoking in this manner and most of my business is based on referrals.

The next question that client at this point would ask me is, “How?” The simple answer to this is that using a process that I have developed over the years that combines psychotherapy, counseling, brain entrainment and hypnosis, it is possible to change a negative habit, to remove an addictive behavior in one session. Each session takes between one to one half hours.

The third question that most client would like to know, especially women is, “What are the side-effects of quitting smoking through hypnosis? Will I put on weight?” The answer is NO. If you chose to stop smoking through hypnosis, other than side effects that are similar to those of an intense detoxification process, there are no major side effects and you will not put on weight. It is perhaps one of the few ways, if not the only way, to stop smoking and not put on the pounds.

There is no better time to quit than NOW.