The key to great mental health is to understand and know yourself better. Once you know and understand your own strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to plot your path to success in virtually any field.

The key to a great company is the ability to select the right staff, for the right job. Companies become successful on the backs of their employees who are happy to work hard to help grow the company. Knowing the profile of recruits can help save companies thousands of dollars in recruitment fees, training and time.

The key to a great relationship is the ability to “click” with the other person. If you are going to go into business with a person or planning to marry a person and spend the rest of your life with them, does it not make sense to find out whether their personality matches yours?

This service is specifically designed for the following situations and persons:

  • Those who wants to know more about themselves.
  • Those who are at crossroads in their lives who have to make important decisions.
  • Students unsure of their academic path.
  • Job seekers unsure of their career path.
  • Compatible partnership check for business and relationship.
  • HR departments seeking suitable staff with the right fit.
  • Companies recruiting staff for sensitive positions.

At AsiaHypnosis, personality and psychological profiling is part and parcel of every therapy. It is our belief that in-depth understanding of our client’s worldview is one of the main necessary factors that we need to help our client resolve their presenting problems in the shortest time possible.