At AsiaHypnosis, we provide personality or psychological profiling that uses various methods and tests to determine a person’s personality and psychological profile. Similar to all other such tests, the information given and gathered determines the accuracy of the profile.

We are shaped by our environment, thought patterns, actions (behavior and attitude) and personal experiences. Therefore the more accurate the background information, the more accurate the results.

At Asiahypnosis, we use both projective and objective tests.

Projective tests assume that personality is primarily unconscious and assess a person by how he or she responds to an ambiguous stimulus, like an ink blot.

Objective tests on the other hand assume that personality is consciously accessible and measure it by self-report questionnaires.

Generally, it has been shown that objective tests are more valid and reliable compared to projective tests. But we are of the view that profiling is an art form and it needs to be combined with intuition in order to achieve greater accuracy.