It feels wonderfully relaxing. 20 minutes of hypnotic relaxation is equivalent to 5 hours of quality sleep. 90% of those who have experienced hypnosis, described it as being alert but motionless; being awake but not bothered about anything; being awake but focused inward or able to listen to everything but unable to move easily; alert but at the same time, feel sluggish. It feels like sleep but it is not sleep and the experience feels like you are going in and out of slumber unable at times to distinguish between being conscious or dreaming. Another often cited phenomena is time distortion. Time slows down when you are in trance. An hour in trance feels like 10 minutes.

A portion of the population (about 30%) are “natural somnambulist” which means that they can naturally go so deep into trance that when they awake they will have no recollection of having been in trance (hypnotic amnesia). These are the luckiest people on Earth because they can produce miracles at will for themselves. The rest of us need years of training before we can achieve this level of trance.

How many times a day do you go into trance? Let’s see… we go into trance when we are driving, watching TV, reading a book, doing routine work, concentrating on something, painting or just staring at the computer screen. Some scientists have said that we spend more than half our lives in trance turning into media operated consumer robots that work to consume. When we are in trance, we are in the “zone” that high performance athletes are always striving to achieve and maintain.

In hypnotic terms being in a hypnotic trance means being in the alpha brainwave state. It is a natural process of our mind to cycle into alpha state throughout the day. It is the way our brain works to help us deal with our daily stresses. Imagine if we are in full gamma-beta wave alert all the time, paying attention to every single detail around us, we will go crazy!

So can everybody be hypnotized? The answer is YES.

What we need to ask ourselves is, “What can I do once I am in trance? How can I tap the unlimited resources that is available to me?” This is where a professional hypnotherapist can help you reveal your true potential.