There are also a number of other dominate brainwave frequencies. In addition to the following, a growing number of scientific studies has shown that the brain and body also respond to a variety of other specific frequencies. Using brainwave entrainment each of the following (and any other) frequencies can be stimulated within the individuals brain.

Beta  – 12hz to 38hz

This is the frequency of alert activity – it is the dominate state during our waking hours. When our brainwaves fall below the beta threshold we can often find ourselves entering a more relaxed or sometimes even a ‘sluggish’ state. Using the beta frequency is an ideal way of increasing our mental alertness.

Alpha – 8hz to 11hz

Alpha is the state of relaxation, rest and light meditation. This state is dominate whilst you are awake but not totally mentally active. For example you maybe sitting down and relaxing. The alpha frequency has been noted to be stimulated whilst watching TV, which explains why many people people can relax in front of the TV. The alpha frequency is extremely useful, and is one of the states aimed for whilst meditating.

Theta – 3hz to 8hz

We enter the Theta frequency when we first fall asleep. It is also the state our brain enters when we dream, and therefore is often used for hypnosis. The theta brainwave frequency is an extremely deep state, and has been noted in many meditators whilst in a ‘altered state of consciousness’, for example the frequency of 4.5hz has been observed in Buddhist monks and shamanic traditions.

Delta – 0.2hz to 3hz

This is the frequency of deep sleep (some experienced meditators can actually retain awareness during deep sleep by using delta wave entrainment).