Dear Soo, I don't know if you remember me. I attended the demonstration that you gave at the Diabetes Center in PJ where our blood sugar levels were taken before and after hypnosis. Mine dropped dramatically. I was impressed. Can I have a one to one lesson on ways to control my blood sugar? Thanks. - Jai, PJ.

Dear Jai, Call me for an appointment and we will get it all arranged. It’s useful isn’t it to be able to control your blood sugar during emergencies where you may not have quick access to an insulin jab

Hi, I just had a heart by-pass a month ago. I find myself constantly worried about another heart attack or else worried about the wounds opening up again. People have mentioned that I tend to touch my chest a lot as if I am somehow trying to protect myself. I think I do this because I still feel a slight discomfort on my chest. How can you help? - Tajuddin, Bandar Puteri.

Dear Tajuddin, You appear to be suffering a mild case of post-traumatic stress syndrome. This is quite common with people who have undergone major surgery. Most will get over it with time but if you are worried about it, hypnotherapy combine with counselling can certainly help you get over PTSS much faster. Hypnotherapy especially is a proven method for accelerating post-surgery recuperation.

Dear Soo, I was told by a friend that you helped her get over a bad relationship break-up in less than a month. I broke up with my boyfriend about a year ago but until today, I still think of him. Recently, when I heard that he was getting married, I felt as if my world has shattered. I know it's silly and stupid but I felt like going to see him in his office and beg him to take me back. I cannot stop crying and I cannot concentrate on anything since I heard the news. I need to forget him asap. Can you help? - Liz, Cheras.

Dear Liz, You have not moved on and you held on hoping that some miracle will happen and he will somehow come back to you. It’s not going to happen and you need to accept that it’s over. He’s gone. Easier said than done. I know. Call me for an appointment. You do not have to continue this suffering, we can work at helping you get over your loss and grief faster.

Hello Soo, I may call you for stop smoking. Can you tell me what is your success rate? - Lim, Ampang.

Dear Lim, My success rate at the moment is more than 90% for the 1 session stop smoking program. You need to be highly motivated to change your lifestyle and behavior to go along with your new non-smoking status. If you are not willing to do so, hypnosis probably will not work for you and certainly not in 1 session. That is why I ask all callers for their motivation level. I usually do not accept anything less than 9 out of 10 because it means that they are not yet ready to stop. If you are interested, please email soo@asiahypnosis your medical and smoking history for a free assessment on whether you are a suitable candidate for this form of treatment.

Dear Soo, Can you advise me on how to best deal with my boss? She is like a boss from hell and I have reached a point where I feel like walking out of my job. But I am afraid to do so because it is hard now to get a job that pays as well. I feel so trapped by my circumstance. Help! - Jared, Singapore.

Dear Jared, I think I need to make this clear. Therapy and counseling is not about giving advice to a patient, it is about helping patient to find solutions to solve their own problems. Therapists are guides. We are here to help guide you towards you therapeutic goals. My first suggestion to you is to list out your options and then figure out the best one for you. My second suggestion is for you to be proactive. Perhaps you can start sending out your resume, or maybe you might want to consider getting a transfer to another department. The main thing to remember is that there is always an option and the decisions that are taken with a clear mind is better than one taken in haste.

Dear Soo, My boyfriend was killed in an accident about a year ago since then I have had trouble sleeping and my energy level have gone way down. My doctor prescribed Valium but now even the Valium seems to have little effect and I am worried that I might overdose on it. Do you think hypnosis can help me sleep? - Prema, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Prema, It does not sound as if insomnia is your main problem. To me it sounds as if you are still grieving. Hypnosis can help you cope better with your grief and loss. It can help you move on and once it is resolved, you may find that all your physical symptoms like insomnia, tiredness and sadness may also be resolved. Call a qualified registered clinical hypnotherapist for an appointment. Usually the first consultation is free.

Hi Soo, I have been suffering from migraine the past 6 months. I have taken pain-killers and it helps but only until the drugs wears off. Then headache returns at times worse than before. Can hypnosis cure my migraine? - Meezee86, Trengganu.

Dear Meezee86, Have you had your eyes checked? How old are you? Were you stressed by any event 6 months ago? Are you still stressed? If your migraine is due to stress, hypnosis can help you relax and manage the pain better. No harm in giving hypnosis a try. If you still suffer from migraine after a hypnotherapy session, I suggest that you go for a through medical check-up.

Hello Soo, I have a 15 years old daughter who suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) she washes her hands so much that the skin is damaged. Can hypnosis help her? - Elisa, NSW

Dear Elisa, Hypnosis can certainly help her cope with her stress, anxieties and fears. Hypnotherapy can also rebuild her self confidence and self image. I combine CBT and hypnotherapy to treat OCD patients. I find this combination more effective. For more detail information on how hypnotherapy can help your daughter please read this book, Brain Lock: Free Yourself From Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior by Jeffrey M. Schwartz.

Hi Soo, I attended one of your previews in KL and very impressed by the depth of your knowledge. I have an autistic son, can hypnosis help him to come out of his shell? - Rani, Sarawak

Dear Rani, Thank you so much for the compliment. I am sure you know that your son is very special and may have hidden talents. Autistic children are already in a constant alpha and theta state. You can try giving him positive suggestions and never assume that he does not know what you are trying to communicate to him. Always assume that he does know. Hypnosis can help reduce the habitual, involuntary hand wringing and lack of normal development often found in people suffering from autism. Rani, I would also like to suggest that you expose him to a wide variety of artistic media such as painting, music and maths. You may find that he has a hidden genius somewhere within him.

Hi Soo, What is the difference between hypnosis, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy? I am confused by all the terms. - Janet, Kuala Lumpur

Hello Janet, Good question. They all follow the same hypnotic sequence: induction, deepening, suggestions and awakening. Perhaps what is confusing is not the terminology but the differences in purpose and goals between stage hypnotists,hypnotherapist and self-hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis = The general term used to describe a hypnotic state or a hypnotic method.
  • Hypnotherapy = The use of hypnosis in a therapeutic session
  • Clinical hypnotherapy = Hypnotherapy that is focused on treating various ailments in a clinical setting.
  • Stage hypnotist = A performer whose goal is to entertain and wow the audience.
  • Hypnotherapist = A therapist whose goal is to use hypnosis to affect a “cure” of an ailment, addiction, pain, negative habits etc.
  • Self-Hypnosis = A person who enters into a hypnotic state for the purpose of self-improvement.

Hi Soo, My mother is suffering from cancer and is in pain most of the time, can hypnosis help her? - Marie, Australia

Dear Marie, I am sorry to hear that your mom is sick. You did not mention her cancer stage, so I am assuming the worst. Hypnosis can help her cope with the pain and give her a more positive mindset.A positive, calm mindset is extremely important when dealing with cancer.

Hello Soo, I am taking a self-hypnosis course but I cannot seems to enter into a hypnotic trance. I have been hypnotized by a few therapists and even they have failed, how do I know if I am one of the few people who cannot be hypnotized? - Yi Mei, Singapore

Hello Yi Mei, You sound like a smart, intelligent and logical person and thus it is unlikely that you fall in the minority group of people that experience hypnosis “differently.” You did not state your age, so I assume that you must be more than 21 years old? It takes awhile for beginners to recognize the hypnotic state and thus, do not assume that you are not in trance. I wrote about this in my book. Even though, you may think that you are not in trance, your brainwave pattern might still show a trance cycle. Just give it time, relax and then in a year or so, tell me if you feel differently.

Hi Soo, I found your site through the web search. I have a question. I would like to try hypnotherapy but I have heard that it is like mind control where I am forced to do things against my will. Is that true? - Peter, Johor Bahru

Hi Peter, You must be referring to the recent article in The Star newspaper about ladies getting “hypnotized” (conned) into giving money to some medium. Let me make this very clear, no one can hypnotize you without your cooperation! Unless you want to be hypnotize, you cannot be hypnotized. The process used by the medium may not be hypnosis or else it may be hypnosis in combination with various other agents like drugs and pure greed on all sides. Convinced that they will be getting something of far greater value, the victims handed over the cash to the conman medium. Harsh but usually that is the truth behind such cases.

Hi Soo, How deep can I go using self-hypnosis? - Chee Meng, Petaling Jaya

Hi Chee Meng, You can definitely enter into alpha state and possibly to theta and delta once you have mastered your mind. Try to learn in conjunction with self-hypnosis a bit more about transcendental or deep meditation techniques. It will help you achieve greater depth. But never force it to happen, it is a rule of the mind, the harder you try, the harder it gets to succeed. Just enjoy the process and allow nature to take its course. Self-hypnosis at its base is about having fun getting to know yourself. Transformation can occur even in the lightest trance. Good luck!

Hello, Is hypnosis dangerous? - DJ Man, Bali, Indonesia

Hi DJ, There has never been a documented case of someone being harmed by hypnosis that has been carried out by a qualified hypnotherapist in a therapeutic environment. In such circumstances it is one of the safest, non-invasive treatments available. Some people have been known to have hurt themselves after being hypnotized on stage but that is because the setting lacks control and proper management of the trance. Usually the injury is minor for example, the subject falling off a chair.

Hi Soo, I have been suffering from chronic pain for the last 8-9 years after a car accident, do you think hypnosis can help me manage the pain? - Mrs. Tham, Negri Sembilan

Hi Tham, Is the pain constant? I am assuming that the pain is constant. The simple answer is yes, it can. Find a good hypnotherapist that you are comfortable with who can also help you find the root cause of the pain. Sometimes chronic pain has a psychosomatic root. Do you think that perhaps you have focused on the fears and anxiety generated by the trauma from the accident or perhaps some other traumatic events? What happen 8-9 years ago besides the accident? Was anyone hurt besides you?

Hi Soo, Wow! I was very impressed with the way you miraculously cure headaches suffered by those in the audience at the mind heal seminar. I am 19 and after seeing how fast hypnosis works, I am seriously considering pursuing hypnotherapy as a career. Is it viable? Please advise. - Kevin, Kedah

Dear Kevin, Thank you for the compliment. I am touched that I have made such an impact on you. You are 19, I suggest that you pursue a degree and at the same time, complete a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Having several qualifications never hurts and can only enhance your credibility.

Hi Soo, I have have tried everything without success. So now I am willing to try hypnosis. I surfed the net and found that some hypnotherapist are offering weight reduction program. Can hypnosis really help me lose weight? I don't want to pay another fortune only to be disappointed. - Elaine, Penang

Dear Elaine, Yes hypnosis can help you lose weight by changing the way you think about food and yourself. In some cases being overweight is associated with a negative self-image. But have you always been over-weight, or is the weight gain recent? Why haven’t all the other weight loss program worked? Is it because you give up halfway? Is it because the program is too tedious to follow? How much do you weight now and how tall are you? Without more details, I cannot say for sure if hypnosis can help you but if you have tried everything in the past, there is no harm in giving this a try too.

Hi Soo, I am a friend of Masni, she told me that you helped her husband stop smoking in one session. Does it work for everybody? Btw, I have been a smoking since I was 15. I have tried to stop several times without success. It has been an on and off thing now for about 30 years. - Kamal, Selangor

Dear Kamal, Short answer: No, it does not work for everybody and the reason for that is motivation. You must be highly motivated and not undermining the effort for it to work. Many smokers may say that they want to stop smoking but if they are not willing to give up the benefits they derived from smoking, for example, hanging out with their smoker friends in the corridor, using cigarettes as a confidence prop and so forth, then I usually tell them not to waste their time and money. It works only for those who are ready and willing to change. So, my question to you is: Are you ready to change? What is your level of motivation? Are you really motivated to stop? And if you are, why do you want to stop smoking now?

Soo, Is it really possible to regress a person back into the past? Will they actually return back there or is it all just in their head? - Babygurl7, Klang

Hi Babygurl7, Yes it is possible to bring a person back to a past event and at times, this may be the only way to resolve an issue that is rooted in that event. But note that it is not always necessary to regress a person in order to heal that person. The hypnotic experience is a very personal journey and everybody experience it differently. At this point, I need to clarify the difference between regression and revivification because your experience is defined by the definition of these 2 words. In regression, you are brought back to a past event but you experience it in a detached manner. It is as if you are seeing the event from your now adult eyes. In revivification, you relive the event as if it is happening to you now with no adult memory or memory past that event. Is it all just in your head? Yes but it is hard to distinguish the difference between reality and memory.