About me

Hello! I’m Dr. Lennie Soo

AsiaHypnosis founder Lennie Soo, D.Cht (USA), B.B.Ad (USA), Prof.dip.counseling (Australia) is a registered clinical hypnotherapist and profiler with membership in IACT/ IMDHA (USA), GHSC/ GHR(UK), AHA (Australia). Licensing/Accreditation Number IACT Master Trainer USA (CMT-0925-09), IACT USA (030806-0413), IMDHA USA (0308-091663), GHR UK (3330), AHA Australia (CM 0808265).

She is also a licensed clinical supervisor with PAFCA/ACA/AIPC/AHA//ASCH (Australia) and pioneers Brain Entrainment therapy in Malaysia. She is the current president of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) and the vice president of the Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Associations, Malaysia (FCNMAM).

As a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist, she specializes in insomnia, post-surgery recovery, pain management, hypno-surgery, phobias, weight loss, OCD, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, negative thinking, tinnitus, IBS, hypno-birthing and all forms of psychosomatic ailments. She also experienced in peak performance training having trained some of the best golfers in the world to improve their game further.